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Thursday 13. August 2010


geographical position
51° 21'4 N 0° 01.4' E
miles covered today:
6,7 nm
prev. day:
470,0 total: 476,7


days events


Whitstable Harbour

In the morning I have made up my mind to sail to Whitstable for the race tomorrow after all. But first I have Barry Tester on board, who is happy to hear, that I will come to the regatta and has a thorough look at Betty. I point out to him the extensive work on the counter and the frames to port, the Dutch yard has carried out in the spring and he affirms the quality of the repairs wholeheartedly.
While we spend a considerable time inspecting difficult to access corners of the ship, torch in hand, more and more crews of the neighbouring smacks turn up and get their ships ready. With his girlfriend in tow Allan comes down to his yacht and is also very pleased to find me ready for Whitstable.

  skipper:Jan Holthusen  

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