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Last Stronghold of Sail   Hervey Benham  
  „Last Stronghold of Sail - The Story of the Essex Sailing-Smacks, Coasters and Barges“
  Georges G. Harap & Co. Ltd., London 1948  
Down Tops'l by Hervey Benham   „Down Tops'l - the Story of the East Coast Sailing-Barge“
  Georges G. Harap & Co. Ltd., London 1951
  also by the same author: „The Stowboaters“, „The Salvagers“
Swin,Swale, and Swatchway by H.Lewis Jones   H.Lewis Jones, M.A. assisted by C.B.Lockwood
  „Swin, Swale, and Swatchway: or, cruises down the Thames, the Medway,
  and the Essex Rivers"
  Waterlow & Sons Ltd., London 1892, reprint by D.N.Goodchild, Philadelphia 2005
Sailing Tours Part I, The Coasts of Essex and Suffolk   Frank Cowper
  „Sailing Tours: The Yachrman's Guide to the Cruising Waters of the English
  Coast - Part I The Coasts of Essex and Suffolk"
  London 1892, reprinted by Ashford Press Publishing, Shedfield, Hampshire
Shoalwater & Fairway - The Casual Exploration of a Sailing Man in the Shoal Seas and Tidal Waters of Essex and Kent   H.Alker Tripp ('Leigh Hoe')
  „Shoalwater & Fairway - The Casual Exploration of a Sailing Man in the Shoal
  Seas and Tidal Waters of Essex and Kent"
  John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd, London 1924
Suffolk Sea Borders by Alker Tripp   "Suffolk Sea Borders"
  John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd, London 1926
  illustrated by the author
Tideways & Byways in Essex & Suffolk   Archie White:
  „Tideways & Byways in Essex & Suffolk"
  Edward Arnold & Co., London 1948
On and Offshore - Cruising the Thames and the East Coast   Dick Durham
  „On and Offshore - Cruising the Thames and the East Coast"
  Ashford Press Publishing, Southampton 1989
The Magic of the Swatchways   Maurice Griffiths  
  „The Magic of the Swatchways“  
  A & C Black Ltd., London 1932 and 1971  
Sailing on a Modest Income   „Sailing on a Modest Income"  
  introduced, compiled & edited by Maurice Griffith  
  Waterside Publications Ltd., Penryn, Cornwall, 1996  
Swatchways & Little Ships   „Swatchways & Little Ships“  
  George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London 1971  
Ten Small Yachts by Mauric Griffiths   "Ten Small Yachts - and others "
  Edward Arnold & Co., London 1933
The First of the Tide by Maurice Griffiths   „The First of the Tide“
  Conway Maritime Press Ltd., Greenwich, London 1979
  also by the same author: „Round the Cabin Table“
London to the Nore by W.L. Wyllie   W.L.Wyllie    
  „London to the Nore“
  A. & C. Black, London 1905  
The Thames Estuary by Stuart A. Moore   Stuart A.Moore    
  "The Thames Estuary - its Tides, Channels, Ports and Anchorages"  
  A Practical Guide for Yachts, Coasters and Small Vessels with A Chart."  
  Norie & Wilson, London 1894  
The Salty Shore by John Leather   John Leather    
  "The Salty Shore"  
  Terence Dalton Ltd., Lavenham, Suffolk 1979 and Seafarer Books,  
  Woodbridge, Suffolk 2003  
The Northseamen   „The Northseamen“    
  Terence Dalton Ltd., Lavenham, Suffolk 1971  
Smacks and Bawleys   „Smacks and Bawleys“    
  Terence Dalton Ltd., Lavenham, Suffolk 1991  
  also by the same author: „The Gaff Rig“, „The Sailor's Coast“
John Leather 1928-2006   John Leather died at his home in Fingringhoe, surrounded by his family, on 17th of February 2006. Besides from writing the most informative books on the subject, John Leather was also widely respected as a yachting historian, particularly of the East Coast. As a consulting editor of Classic Boat, John was a cornerstone of the magazine, and one of its most frequent contributors from the start.
East Coast Rivers by Janet Harber   Janet Harber    
  „East Coast Rivers - Cruising Companion“ 19th Edition
  Wiley Nautical, Chichester, West Sussex 2008  
East Coast Rivers - Southworld to Swale by Jack H. Coote   Jack H.Coote    
  „East Coast Rivers - Southworld to Swale “ 12th Edition  
  Yachting Monthly, IPC Magazines Ltd., London 1985  
Thames and Medway by Alexander George Findlay   Alexander George Findlay  
  "Thames and Medway between London, Folkestone and Orfordness"  
  Richard Holmes Laurie, London 1874  
Boadicea CK 213 - the Story of an East Coast Fishing Smack by Michael Frost   Michael Frost    
  „Boadicea CK 213 - the Story of an East Coast Fishing Smack“  
  Angus and Robertson Ltd., 1974 and Matador, Leicester, 2007  
Half a Gale   „Half a Gale“    
  Kenneth Mason, Homewell, Havant, Hampshire 1981  
The Gulls Way by Nancy Price   Nancy Price    
  „The Gulls Way“  
  George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London 1937  
June Of Rochester by A. S. Bennett   A.S.Bennett    
  „June Of Rochester“  
  Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1939  
Coastwise Cruising by Francis B.Cooke   Francis B.Cooke    
  „Coastwise Cruising - from Erith to Lowestoft“
  Edward Arnold & Co., London 1929  
Cruising Hints by Francis B. Cooke   „Cruising Hints“    
  Edward Arnold & Co., London 1904  
An Old Gaffer’s Tale   Martin Eve    
  „An Old Gaffer’s Tale“    
  Seafarer Books, London 1984  
Sailing Directions for the River Thames By John William Norie   John William Norie    
  „Sailing Directions for the River Thames, ..... “  
  reprinted by Pranava Books, Delhi 2007, orig. by C.Wilson, London 1847  
Living in the Backwaters   Michael C.R.Emmett    
  „Living in the Backwaters“    
  Gaff Rig Publications, Maldon 1998  
Working Traditional Sail by Michael Emmett   "Working Traditional Sail - Featuring Lore of Weather and Tide"  
  Coauthor: Kevin A.Murphy  
  Gaff Rig Publications, Maldon, Essex 2010  
  also by the same author: „Blackwater Men“  
East Coast Sail - Working Sail 1850-1970   Robert Simper    
  „East Coast Sail - Working Sail 1850-1970“  
  David & Charles, Newton Abbot 1972  
Creekside Tales by Robert Simper   "Creekside Tales"  
  Creekside Publishing, Lavenham, Suffolk, 2004  
Essex Rivers and Creeks - Vol 4 English Estuaries Series   „Essex Rivers and Creeks - Vol 4 English Estuaries Series“
  Creekside Publishing, 1995  
Voayage around East Anglia   „Voayage around East Anglia“  
  Creekside Publishing, 2001  
The Barge Coast of Suffolk, Essex and Kent   "The Barge Coast of Suffolk, Essex and Kent"  
  Creekside Publishing, 2007  
Only So Many Tides   Jon Wainwright    
  „Only So Many Tides“    
  Seafarer Books, London 2001  
Sailing Just For Fun - High Adventures on a Small Budget   A.C.Stock    
  „Sailing Just For Fun - High Adventures on a Small Budget“
  Seafarer Books, London 2002  
Suffolk Estuary by W.G.Arnott   W.G.Arnott    
  "Suffolk Estuary - the Story of the River Deben"  
  Norman Adlard & Co. Ltd., Ipswich 1950  
Maldon & the Blackwater Estuary by John Marriage   John Marriage    
  „Maldon & the Blackwater Estuary - A Pictorial History “  
  Phillimore & Co. Ltd., Chichester, West Sussex, 1985  
East Anglian Shores by David Fairhall   David Fairhall    
  „East Anglian Shores“  
  Nautical Books, London 1988 & Greenwich Editions, London 1995  
Four Ships by Stuart Readman   Stuart Readman    
  „Four Ships - One Hundred Years of the Essex Yacht Club“  
  Essex Yacht Club, Leigh on Sea, Essex 1990  
Salt Marsh & Mud by Nick Ardley   Nick Ardley    
  "Salt Marsh & Mud - a year's sailing on the Thames Estuary"  
  Amberley Publishing, Stroud, Gloucestershire 2009  
River Colne Shipbuilders by John Collins & James Dodds   John Collins & James Dodds  
  "River Colne Shipbuilders - A Portrait of Shipbuilding 1786-1988"  
  Jardine Press Ltd, Wivenhoe, Essex 2009  
The Stour and Orwell Rivers by Jeremy Pertwee Jeremy Pertwee  
„The Stour and Orwell Rivers and Beyond“
Leiston Press, Leiston, Suffolk 2010  
At the Wash of Oysters by John Kemp   John Kemp    
  „At the Wash of Oysters“
  Sailtrust Limited , Maldon, Essex 1987  
also by the same author: "A Fair Wind for London"
Essex Coast Walk by Peter Caton   Peter Caton  
  "Essex Coast Walk"  
  Matador, Troubador Publishing Ltd., Leicester2009  
Thames the Biography by Peter Ackroyd   Peter Ackroyd    
  "Thames - the Biography"    
  Chatto &Windus, a division of Random House, London 2007  
Book of Essex by James Wentworth Day   James Wentworth Day  
  "Book of Essex"  
  Egon Publishers Ltd., Letchworth, Herts. 1979  
Walking the Saxon Shore Way through Medway "Walking the Saxon Shore Way through Medway"  
Medway Council, Strood, Kent 2010  
Riverside Remembered by John K.Austin   John K.Austin    
  "Riverside Remembered - the Medway from Chatham Intra to Lower  
  Rainmore Books, Rainham, Kent 2007  
Topsail No.43, Editor Richard Walsh   Richard Walsh (Editor)    
  „Topsail - The History of Sailing Barges No.43“  
  Society for Sailing Barge Research, Faversham, Kent 2009  
Insel-Geschichten by Uwe Johnson   Uwe Johnson    
  Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin, 1995  

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