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Betty CK145 at Heybridge Basin 2011 by John Cann

When you get seriously involved with the tradition of cruising literature, it becomes apparent, how many successful travel logs, pilot books and general cruising textbooks are accompanied by illustrations and photographs made by the authors themselves. As early as the second half of the 19th century saw the pioneers of cruising starting to publish interesting and exciting accounts of their adventures based on the their logbooks and self-made drawings.
This originated probably from the need to draw charts of as yet uncharted waters and sketches of the landmarks and navigational signs. When the attention of the writers was drawn to the land, its history and interesting sights of the coastal regions, they brought their sketchbooks and water colours along and used them to the best of their abilities. Later, after the invention of photography, it was more often the camera, that replaced the drawing tools.


Hadleigh Castle

        Hadleigh Castle by W.L. Wyllie  
  'Allington Lock' by W.L. Wyllie  
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  at nightfall Bawdsey Haven  
  Burnhan-on-Crouch looking east   'Chatham Reach' by W.L. Wyllie
  'cruisers and coal-hulks off Port Victoria' by W.L. Wyllie boats in the mist entrance to Leigh swatch way
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  Freston Tower at Woolverstone Parkundoch 'graves of french prisoners of war Stangate Creek' by W.L. Wyllie 'Gravesend' by W.L. Wyllie in the late twilight we glide with the ebb
  'Hole Haven' by W.L. Wyllie misty haven in Brightlingsea Creek  
  'Oven's Spit' by W.L. Wyllie smacks and seagulls 'R.C.Club-house Port Victoria' by W.L. Wyllie
  'paddlers Southend-on-Sea' by W.L. Wyllie> 'Tilbury Fort' by W.L. Wyllie

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